All men are designers. All that we do, almost all the time is design, for design is basic to all human activity. The planning and patterning of any act towards a desired, foreseeable end constitutes the design process. Design is the conscious effort to impose meaningful order.

Victor Papanek

Featured project: Avis Budget Group mobile app design for Apple iOS and Android devices

Welcome to my website. I am a Senior User Experience Consultant with over 20 years design practitioner experience and 10 years as consultant. In recent years I have witnessed an overwhelming onslaught of innovation in new brands, products and services. These innovations are setting new user expectations that have spread across all markets. Banking, manufacturing, publishing, hospitality and travel are just some of the sectors that have seen radical change with exciting new business models disrupting the status quo and redefining the user experience.

To meet these new expectations, I work alongside internal teams using Design Thinking, Lean UX and Agile principles to encourage grass roots innovation, develop cross disciplinary collaboration and support shared learning.