Enabling user centred innovation

Creating frameworks for innovation through participation

All of us are designers. All that we do, almost all the time is design, for design is basic to all human activity. The planning and patterning of any act towards a desired, foreseeable end constitutes the design process. Design is the conscious effort to impose meaningful order.

Victor Papanek


I help organisations look at their products and services holistically from the user’s point of view. This enables them to identify the greatest opportunities for creating value to the user, and targeting investment effectively. Beyond creating innovative and transformative services and products, I aim to challenge conventions to find a fresh perspective, co-create with experts from different disciplines and stakeholders, then prototype and iterate to fail early and learn fast.

I also support leadership teams in modelling best fit processes to integrate Design Thinking into existing delivery pipelines and help establish a portfolio of accessible user experience services that support innovation and creativity throughout the business. I do this through collaborative working, workshop facilitation and training and developing internal teams so that businesses can keep valuable IP in house and release reliance on external vendor support.

Recent experience includes supporting the IT department at a global pharmaceutical company in implementing a Design Thinking innovation methodology, design standards and guidelines, training and project delivery services across the organisation. I have also been central to delivering an innovation pipeline to the laboratories globally with the vision of driving efficiency and increasing both job satisfaction and the effectiveness of scientists, allowing them to focus primarily on exploration and less on paperwork.